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Free to download suite of Provelio management guides. A selection of management guides, research and reports to support the successful delivery of project objectives. 

Provelio Management Guides

Provelio management guides, research and insights on how you can change your organisation and projects for the better. All available to download now, for free. 

provelio management guides and insights

Our Insights

An image of three people sat around a desk with papers discussing the new Procurement Act 2023.

The Procurement Act 2023 promises to be open, fair and transparent

Introduction The introduction of the Procurement Act 2023 marks a significant milestone, with a potentially transformative approach to public procurement, aiming to change the way …

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new operations director

Provelio Appoints a New Operations Director

Provelio are pleased to welcome back Andrew Gough, appointed as our new Operations Director. In this role, Andrew will be responsible for overseeing all aspects …

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delays in construction projects

Predicting and Managing Delays in Construction Projects

Delays in construction projects can be a significant barrier to timely completion and the budget. However, with strategic planning and management, it’s possible to predict …

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Changes in Construction

Changes in Construction

At last, the construction industry is reforming; transitioning from traditional, labour-intensive methods to a technology-fuelled future. The advent of building reforms brought about by the …

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Digital Twins

Digital Twins for Project Managers

Digital Twins is a technology that is radically transforming various industries, including construction.   In the realm of project management, this technology opens new horizons by …

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Building for Tomorrow

Building for Tomorrow: The Evolution of Construction

Introduction The construction industry is not known for its ability to adapt, and it is therefore difficult to appreciate how exciting it is to witness …

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Restructuring Government Departments for Decarbonisation

What is decarbonisation? Decarbonisation refers to the process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), in order to mitigate climate change and transition …

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Thames Estuary

Thames Estuary Growth

On the 17th November 2022, we attended a seminar in London to review the progress of the Thames Estuary Growth. The day was Chaired by …

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Provelio Appoints New Chairman and Managing Director

Provelio are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Wilson as Company Chairman and Jeremy Sneddon as their new Managing Director. Having been Managing Director …

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Change Management

Levelling up relies on national and local change

On May 11th 2022 the UK government published further information about the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, a bill that looks to reduce inequality in productivity, …

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Education Estate

The Need for Action on the Education Estate

The Department for Education published its Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy on the 21st of April 2022. The strategy aims to help educational organisations reduce their environmental …

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Covid-19 Vaccination Figures

Covid-19 Vaccination Programmes Estates Management Support

Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire NHS Trust have just released their latest vaccination programme results, with the Trust providing over 2 million vaccines to their communities.  …

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Employee Investment

Why Investing in Employees is Crucial to Business Success

With this week marking National Careers Week 2022 Provelio caught up with Operations Director, Jeremy Sneddon, to better understand the importance of investing in employees and in …

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Green Claims

CMA gets tough on unrealistic “green” claims

The Competition and Markets Authority has addressed the finding that “40% of green claims made by companies are misleading”. They have issued the “green claims …

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Reform the NHS

Is it time to properly reform the NHS?

At a time when the NHS has done so much during the COVID-19 crisis, it might seem unfair to point out the flaws in the …

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Climate Change

Exciting Developments in Climate Change

Cop 26 included almost all the countries in the world gathered in November 2021, for a conference in Glasgow, which focused on climate change.  In …

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Procurement must change

How Procurement must Change to meet Future Challenges

Background  Historically, the construction industry has suffered enormously during turbulent economic conditions. But from the outset of the pandemic the Government made it very clear …

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Project Sponsor

The Five Key Objectives of a Project Sponsor

Projects do not always go according to plan. Sometimes they are delayed.  Sometimes they go well over budget.  On other occasions they simply do not …

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Estate Strategies

Re-thinking Estate Strategies for Universities

Covid-19 has already exposed many of the things we do (mostly subconsciously) which we will not be able to do in the future. We need …

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SDI Profiles

The Importance of SDI Profiles

Technical knowledge is not the only requirement of a Project Manager.  Their most important role is to motivate everybody on the project to get the …

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Exception Report

Why an Exception Report is a Key Project Capability

A decision-making project board will typically govern well run projects. The board are informed of updates through formal monthly reports. The PM will present the …

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How to Improve Quality in your Projects

The most successful project leaders are clear about what they want. Not just as project objectives but right down to the end product and components.  …

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Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats in Perspective

Cyber threats have become a significant additional risk to business as can be determined from the following statistics: It is worth noting however that businesses …

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Working to a method

Benefits of Working to a Method – Part 5 – How can we Continuously Improve what we do?

Working to a method allows you to continuously improve your organisation and service delivery. Most projects follow the same broad approach to delivery – they …

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Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation (Part 4)

How to Increase Innovation in your Teams The way we commonly work creates barriers to creativity and innovation in teams.  In this fourth blog by Dom …

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Happy Clients

Certainty Makes for Happy Clients (Part 3)

How to get a Reliable Service Unlike a physical product, services are intangible and personal and can be delivered in many ways and styles.  Whilst …

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Losing Customers

The Main Reason for Losing Customers

Whilst marketing gurus say that we should spend a lot of time working out our USP (Unique Selling Proposition), it is a sobering thought that …

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Simple Vision

How a Simple Vision can Drive your Business

Chester Zoo is one of the most respected zoos in the world, with a fine reputation for its work in the field of conservation. Its …

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How to Counter Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attacks are the scourge of modern businesses.  There are now serious responsibilities for business under the General Data Protection Responsibilities (GDPR).  Since cyber-attacks can very …

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Management Time

Where (and how) to Focus Management Time for Maximum Results – Part 2

In Part 2 of this blog series, Dom Moorhouse of Method Grid and Paul Wilson of Provelio will focus on how the use of Method Grid has enabled them to improve …

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Professional Service

Knowledge in Professional Service Firms (PSFs) – Part 1

Adopting a Method In this five-part series of blogs, Dom Moorhouse of Method Grid and Paul Wilson of Provelio discuss the opportunities for professional service firms to increase the …

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Essential Elements of Quality Assurance

The 7 Essential Elements of Quality Assurance

Today, we will identify the 7 essential elements of quality assurance and will explain how valuable a Procedures Manual is in ensuring quality is met …

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7 Key Questions for CEOs on Purchasing

Purchasing and supply management is vital to every business and ultimately controls the profitability of the organisation. Whereas most people look to the organisations manpower …

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Essential Documents

5 Essential Documents for Successful Projects

It is difficult to deliver projects successfully, but there are measures that you can take to put you on the right track. One of those …

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Business Change Programme

Business Change Programme: How to fine-tune your organisation

The key to fine-tuning your organisation is to follow a well-thought-out business plan or a Business Change Programme. There are six reasons for any business …

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Control Incoming Email

How to Control Incoming Email

Email is the most useful tool in the modern business age, but most people fail to control it.  For many people their work comprises largely …

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Capture Knowledge

Capturing Excellence as you go with Method Grid

It’s is of vital importance to capture knowledge as your projects progress if you want to improve in the future. In this blog, we explain …

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Improving your Organisation

12 Ways to Improve Every Organisation

It does not matter what the performance level of your organisation is, there is always room for improving your organisation. Our Top 12 actions to …

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Good Employer

20 Ways to be a Good Employer

An employer-employee relationship is both a financial and a social contract.  All employers rely on the skills and endeavour of their employees, who are prepared …

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Contract Delivery

Contract Delivery – Best Practice (Part 5)

What makes Great Contract Delivery – Best Practice and Things to Avoid (Part 5) In this short series of blogs I have tried to outline …

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Contract Administration

Contract Delivery – Contract Administration (Part 4)

The aim of contract administration is to fairly apply the terms and conditions of the signed contract.  This requires a mix of essential personal skills …

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Contract Preparation

Contract Delivery – Contract Preparation (Part 3)

The last few blogs have set out how to capture the clients wishes and making them clear. The next stage is to make sure that …

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Contract Definition

Contract Delivery – Contract Definition (Part 2)

Defining a contract is essential to running it efficiently. If it cannot be defined, the risk and management framework must be in place to manage …

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Delivery Philosophy

Contract Delivery – Delivery Philosophy (Part 1)

The delivery phase of any contract is where the rubber meets the road.  All the plans, thinking, documentation, meetings and relationships to date are put …

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How to Prepare for Brexit

As we get closer to Brexit, it is easy to lose confidence. However, the fact is that all organisations are capable of doing things differently …

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Reasons for Growth

10 Reasons for Growth

Even in tough economic circumstances, it is beneficial for every business to think about growth. You can be sure that your competitors will be looking …

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Selecting Professional Advisors

The 7 Stages for Selecting Professional Advisers and Contractors

One of the most important tasks on any project is selecting Professional Advisers and Contractors.  Making the right choices has a direct effect on the …

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance for Project Management

What is Quality Assurance? All those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for …

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Lessons Learnt

The importance of understanding Lessons Learnt from your Programmes and Projects

We work with many clients who quite correctly establish logs for capturing the lessons learnt from their programmes and projects.  These lessons are captured throughout …

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PM Report

What makes a good project management report?

All projects have risks (things that might happen) and issues (things that are happening) to deal with. This inherent uncertainty means that PMs must use …

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Understanding Business Data

It has never been easier to capture and generate business data.  You will find it in your HR systems, financial accounts and every operational department …

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The importance of values; doing the right thing

Whether you work on a temporary project, in an entrepreneur’s start-up or part of a large business or organisation, it is worth taking the time …

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Houston, we have a problem

Most organisations use projects to implement change and that makes sense to most people. They are the vehicles that enable you to gather resources and …

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Relationship building

Behavioural Muscle Memory

I ran a masterclass last week for the RICS about strategic project management. One of the key messages was making sure you spend as much …

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