Introducing a Revolutionary Approach to Digital NHS Estates Management

A digital assistant that enables strategic estates management. Decision-makers are able to determine optimum solutions from their property and estates assets and data.

Digital Hospitals - Estates Management

Supports business case production

Monitors building compliance

Prioritises back-log maintenance

Fully costs the estate

Manages and assesses risks

Customisable Project Dashboards

Simplify Strategic Decision-Making through Digital NHS Estates Management

Digital Estates Management for NHS Trust - OPAL

The NHS Estate, encompassing hospitals, clinics, and administrative buildings, holds a crucial position in healthcare service provision. Constantly evolving, it must adjust to shifting spatial and service requirements of hospitals. This perpetual transition necessitates adaptations to accommodate changes in healthcare delivery models, including space reconfiguration, creation of new healthcare facilities, and the integration of digital advancements. These factors create challenges regarding the decision making associated with the operational and estate management of an NHS estate. Understanding these factors and their interconnectivity is crucial for creating a system which can enable effective decision making for the Trust. The Chief Executive, the Finance Director, the Director of Estates, and all other parties who must jointly make complex, interconnected decisions will benefit from enhanced performance leading to transformational decision making.

In our latest publication we explain how the digitisation of operational and estates data can automate the arduous work required by the senior team and ensure they have robust information for scenario planning. The speed with which this thinking can be carried out is already impressive and will continue to improve as the technology and associated databases grow.

NHS Trusts can digitise their estate using OPAL, a powerful digital assistant that enables effective estate management for NHS Trusts through optimising the use and development of the physical assets of NHS Trusts, combined with capital and operational costs. It provides a comprehensive view of the NHS estate portfolio, allowing for data-driven decision making and scenario testing. With OPAL, NHS Trusts can optimise their estate assets, improve space utilisation, implement energy efficiency measures, effectively manage backlog maintenance, reduce costs, invest in sustainable practices, use technology and data analytics, and create partnerships and collaborations.

How we have helped others Digitise their Estates Management

Enterprise Level Cost Rationalisation

Streamlined costs, leading to department-wide budget efficiencies and informed several top executive strategies for cost management, strategic planning, and transformation timelines.

Backlog maintenance diagram

Backlog Maintenance Strategies

Integrated all estates data, including maintenance and projects, into a tool that aids in selecting and prioritising projects, leading to significant cost reductions by merging functional and delivery budgets.

Programme and Project Control System

Developed a system for efficient project and programme management that is integrated with finance systems to create custom dashboards for quick identification of issues.

Operational Sites Relocation

Devised strategic plans for relocation and rationalisation projects whilst ensuring locations could continue operating as usual.

Integrated Business Planning

Streamlined the NHS business planning process, producing outputs ready for immediate use, allowing for the evaluation of various property strategies.

Operational Excellence

Developed comprehensive control systems to unify all business function, providing clear insights into business performance, alongside finance, HR, estates, IT and other department data.

New Release - Digital Estates Management and OPAL

Digital Estates Management for NHS Trusts

Download a copy of our guide to learn how digitisation can automate your work and simplify estates management.

Digital Estates Management for NHS Trust - OPAL
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