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Digital Estates Management

OPAL is a breakthrough in digital estates management. It will ensure you get the most from your assets. OPAL is a digital assistant that enables strategic decision-makers to determine optimum solutions from their property and estates assets and data. 


OPAL – The Digital Assistant For Your Estate

The space created in an estate can be seen as the “glue that holds together an organisation.”  Space is expensive to create, use and maintain. The estate typically has the largest impact upon borrowing, one of the highest revenue costs and attracts most of the capital investment. The estate is one of the biggest drains but is also one of the biggest enablers to transforming an organisation. 

The importance of the estate in reducing costs, increasing revenue, and transforming an organisation is therefore critical. If an organisation or business is shrinking, consolidating, or growing the influence of the estate is a critical part of the decision-making process. 

There are many property management tools, but they focus on one function of the estate such as capital programmes and projects, maintenance and compliance, space management and energy and carbon reduction. OPAL is unique because it: 

  • Encompasses ALL these functions of the estate, 
  • And then integrates them with the three primary pillars of the estate; business cases to capital investment to operations.

This means that strategic decision-makers can have transparent access to the entire estate management process from start to finish. OPAL can be used at senior team level and within the project management office, property development or asset management teams. 

Digital Estates Management
opal - digital estates management

What does OPAL do?

OPAL captures your data and your way of working across your business functions, and then digitally integrates the data to enable optimal and transparent decisions relating to property assets. OPAL brings to life the three primary pillars of any estate, namely: 

Business Case

Creates a fully bespoke user interface at project and enterprise level. 

Builds business cases and investment appraisals that are fully adjustable for limitless scenario testing and options, viability, and feasibility assessments. 

Prioritisation modelling and assessment of capital investments. 

Capital Investment

Monitors projects, programmes, and portfolios with real time link back to investment assumptions for benefits realisation and return on investment. 

Project and enterprise risk and issue management. 

Planned, actual, forecasted and reported project status in terms of progress and change control. 

Resource planning within PMOs and project teams. 

Single and multiple project control at tactical and enterprise level. 


Works seamlessly with any existing operational tools. 

Compliance assurance and intervention planning. 

Maintenance investment planning for backlog, reactive and planned preventative approaches. 

OPAL then integrates the four major functions of the estate with the three primary pillars: 

Digital Estates Management

Space Management

The function that centralises the understanding and use of space within the organisation: 

  • Estates strategy.
  • Estates benchmarking. 
  • Space management and utilisation. 
  • Space charging. 
Digital Estates Management

Programmes and Projects

The function, sometimes referred to as the PMO, that delivers the outputs of the investment decisions: 

  • Change and outcome-based programmes. 
  • Capital projects. 
  • Controls scope, budget, programme. 
  • Risk management. 
Digital Estates Management

Maintenance and Compliance

The function that seeks to ensure that the estate works smoothly and that it meets the statutory safety requirements. This typically includes: 

  • Planned maintenance. 
  • Backlog maintenance. 
  • Reactive maintenance. 
  • Statutory compliance. 
  • Minor works. 
Digital Estates Management

Energy and Carbon

The function that seeks to control the use of energy and the reduction of carbon in the estate. This typically includes: 

  • Carbon reporting 
  • Energy benchmarking.  
  • Carbon reduction and net zero planning. 
  • Energy modelling. 
OPAL - a Digital assistant for Estates Management

Transformational Decision-Making Approach

OPAL will transform the way in which you think about your assets in the property and estate environment. Decision-makers are presented options and choices with clear understanding of the source and nature of the data that is being used. This allows for essential critical thinking and scenario testing from a rigorous and robust position. It will not only answer where you are, but also choices of where to go, monitor the progress and then continue to ensure that the assumed benefits and returns in the business case are realised. 

OPAL has helped solve the following worries and concerns for senior teams in all manner of private and public sector organisations: 


OPAL - A Digital Assistant for Estates Management - the benefits

Integrating all aspects of the estate function

By bringing all of the key pillars and functional silos together this digital estates management tool uses the data to ensure that decisions are as comprehensive as possible. The system architecture provides further benefits beyond those already identified: 

Scalability and flexibility

You can use some or all its functionality, as well as requesting further bespoke modules.

Data security

OPAL data is stored securely in Azure database for controlled access for your team and Provelio.

Assurance and monitoring

Whether for audit or investment and funding purposes.

Speed of implementation

You will see meaningful outputs within a business quarter.

Maturity plans

Recommendations for future improvements to enhance data quality and estates management skills maturity.

Cost effectiveness

No need for investment inf hardware or specialist software. All you need is readily available within normal business software.


All outputs are presented in visually engaging manner for ease of use and understanding across all levels of the organisation.

Benchmarking and KPIs

By agreement you can opt in to be part of estates management benchmarking group for annual report on estate management best practice.

Lessons learnt

A ready to use lessons learnt approach that can be used for strategic planning of enterprise level improvements.

Collaboration and teamwork

OPAL requires that the team share knowledge, and this creates a positive unifying goal for all involved.

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What OPAL doesOPAL is a digital estates management tool. It is a digital assistant that helps strategic decision-makers optimise their property and estate assets and data. It integrates all aspects of estate management, from investment and business cases to capital project delivery, to operations and facilities management. 

How OPAL transforms decision-making – OPAL enables transparent and critical thinking about the estate, by providing options and choices based on reliable data. It allows for scenario testing, prioritisation, risk and issue management, compliance assurance, and benefits realisation. 

The benefits of using OPAL- OPAL offers scalability and flexibility, data security, assurance and monitoring, speed of implementation, maturity plan, cost effectiveness, visualisation, benchmarking, lessons learnt, and collaboration and teamwork. 

What the further applications of OPAL are – OPAL can also support with various estate-related scenarios, such as cost rationalisation, growth and expansion, consolidation, space utilisation, decant planning, carbon reduction, due diligence, fund monitoring, whole life modelling, and capability costing.

For further information on OPAL and what it can do for NHS Estates, please have a look at our latest guide.

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