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Provelio specialise in the built environment, focused on aligning construction and estates objectives to deliver successful projects on behalf of our clients.

Public sector.  Private Sector.  In all types of industry.

That means we are laser-focused on delivery – on time, on cost and to an agreed quality standard.

We also provide a wide range of professional management services, to suit the needs of our clients.

our people

Provelio Project Management Consultants

Our team of hand-picked project managers come from a wide range of professional disciplines. 

They are determined to get things done. They are friendly, co-operative and eager to find the most direct route through your project.

This aided by our acclaimed digital system for project management, allows us to make progress on project quickly and accurately. It is constantly updated to include the latest changes to regulation or simply to add to our knowledge. It means our project managers have a solid foundation from which to start their work – and are ready to move, quickly. 

We provide the system and the technology, which enables them to manage the projects conveniently and successfully. Teamwork is instilled into them by our training, which encourages collaboration and communication. Internally and externally.

They aim to make each project an exciting and fulfilling experience, for the benefit of all.  

SDI Behavioural Profiling. Provelio projects.
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Range of Expertise

Provelio provides strategic project management consultancy services to support clients with project delivery. Through the application of proven methodologies, experience and technology we help our clients change their organisations for the better.

Project, Programme & Portfolio Management

Digital Estates Management

Strategic Management

Development Management

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Provelio Sector & Project Experience

Provelio projects and sectors.

We have been successfully delivering projects on behalf of our clients since 2002, creating bespoke solutions and methodologies to meet the needs of our diverse client base. During this time, we have encapsulated our experience and expertise to provide a best practice approach to project delivery. This combined with our people, technology and processes ensure we supply valuable services to change your organisations for the better. 

our commitments

Provelio Industry Best Practice

We are committed to contributing towards a better tomorrow for our people, industry and our planet. We have utilised our problem-solving and management experience to develop initiatives and commitments that demonstrate our approach to ensuring our business activities have a positive impact within the communities and industries in which we operate. 

Health and Safety Policy

Social Value Statement

Carbon Reduction Plan

Equality, Diversity & Inclusions

Lighthouse Club Supporter

Charity Supporters

our Credentials

Provelio Accreditations and Professional Recognition

We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients. We believe it is important to achieve and maintain recognised industry standards to demonstrate and externally certify the quality of our services. 

We are also registered signatories of the Building a Safer Future Charter.

our Credentials

Appointing and Working with Provelio

Provelio are appointed to various regional and national public sector frameworks, including:

Each of these frameworks can be easily accessed by clients to procure our services, with many of these frameworks allowing contracts to be directly awarded.

Utilising existing framework agreements to provide clients with a compliant, quality and value driven solution to procurement. They offer the opportunity to procure services efficiently and quickly, with confidence that service providers have already met qualification and pricing criteria.

To discuss access to framework agreements, or how to easily procure your projects services, contact a member of our team. 

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