New Release - Refurbishment in a "Net-Zero Carbon" Era

Refurbishment in a "Net-Zero Carbon" Era

Download a copy of our guide to find out choosing refurbishment can help with meeting zero carbon targets.

Refurbishment projects have a perception of being riskier and more time consuming than new builds. However, new builds release far more carbon into the atmosphere than refurbishment projects do and as such will make it difficult to reach net-zero carbon goals. So the question remains, which is the better option? How do you successfully approach and deliver a refurbishment project in order to embrace sustainability and avoid those perceived risks?

"Net-Zero Carbon"

Topics covered in Refurbishment in a "Net-Zero Carbon" Era

In this guide, Provelio explains why new build is typically preferred to refurbishment, and why this can have a devastating impact on the climate. With this information established, Provelio then explain the initial and detailed considerations that you must consider before embarking on your refurbishment project. These factors will ensure you have a better understanding of any associated risks and will help you understand why refurbishment is a good option.

De-risking Refurbishment

How has the “net-zero carbon” era changed the way we work? And how exactly do you reduce the risks of refurbishment?

Exploring your Options

Refurbishment isn’t just one thing. Make sure you know what type of refurbishment project you’ll need before proceeding.

Understanding Refurb Benefits

Have you thought about looking at previous refurbishment projects in order to gain inspiration and ideas?

Improve Existing Buildings

How much do you know about your building? Have you thought all the elements that compose the structure of your building?

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