New Release - Key Project Management Skills

What to demand from your project manager

Download a copy of our latest guide to find out the key attributes and project management skills you should possess.

There are numerous attributes and project management skills required to ensure the client receives the right project, in the expected quality, time-frame and budget. A good project manager will posses many skills and it is on you to choose the best one suited for your project.

Project Management Skills

Topics covered in this guide

Good project management fosters efficient, collaborative working between the client, their advisers and contractors. This should be orchestrated by the project manager, who is responsible for planning and communicating what needs to be done, in which order and by whom.

In order to promote an understanding between all participants in a project, we have produced a series of booklets that describe how key elements of every project should be managed.

Provelio explore the importance of choosing the right project manager and suggest over 20 attributes a good project manager should possess in order to successful deliver a project, including: 

Relevant Experience

Do they understand the nature of the project through previous experience?

Strategic Approach

Can they manage the various short term goals and deadlines the project will have?


The importance of having excellent people management skills.

Honesty and Integrity

Can you completely trust the project manager to do the right thing without hesitation?

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