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Construction Project Management – Key points for each stage

Download a copy of our construction project management guide to find out how to maintain consistency throughout the 8 project stages.

Each stage of a project contains large volumes of important tasks and information. Clarity of purpose helps maintain focus and momentum for the project and will help completion occur in the minimum time. This guides examines the 8 stages of a construction project and details what the construction project manager should be expected to undertake at each stage. 

Topics covered in this guide

Provelio explore in depth the 8 stages of construction project management, the main elements within each and what the overall aim is.  

Stages 0 & 1

The 5 elements involved in Stage 0 (Strategic Direction) and the huge volume of criteria in Stage 1 (Preparation and Brief).

Procurement & Stage 5

Between Stage 4 and Stage 5 is Procurement of the contractor. Stage 5 (Construction) is when the appointed contractor now has possession of the site.

Stages 2, 3 & 4

The above three stages cover the design phases: Concept Design, Developed Design and Technical Design.

Stages 6 & 7

The project has finished construction and moves into Stage 6 (Handover and Close-out). After usually a year, the project moves into Stage 7 (In Use).

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