New Release - Effective Decanting for Healthcare

Effective Decanting
for Healthcare Facilities -
A Step-by-Step Guide

Download a copy of our guide to learn about a successful approach to decanting for healthcare facilities.

Planning decanting for healthcare facilities is an essential component of any renovation or upgrading project. Taking a structured and thorough approach is the best way to ensure your project proceeds in accordance with time and cost constraints. This approach will ensure you have a final project that can be celebrated. 

Decanting for Healthcare

Topics covered in Effective Decanting for Healthcare Facilities

In this guide, Provelio briefly explain what decanting is and then set out the 7 phases to managing your decant project. These seven phases have been created in order to assist you with determining an effective plan that can be executed in the least disrupting way to patient care and hospital operations. This guide is specifically addressing decanting for healthcare facilities. For more information on decanting within other sectors, get in touch today.

Introduction to Decanting

What is decanting? Does it relate to move management? What does a decanting process include?

Exploring Your Options

In this part, you will need to expand your horizons and perhaps look beyond your own facilities. Decanting may need not seem optional at first, but you may find that phasing your project will help.

Setting up Your Project Team

Creating the right project team is crucial to every type of project, but the team will always be specific to the sector and organisation your work for.

Selecting the Preferred Option

Determining the right criteria for choosing your preferred decanting process is mainly up to you, but there are some criteria that you may want to consider before making any final decisions.

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