From the construction of new roads and park and rides, to offering advice to transport organisations such as Airports, Provelio can offer you transport strategic project management services. 

Transport Strategic Project Management

Broadbridge Heath

A major road improvement scheme that involved the construction of a new connector road, the modification of an existing dual carriageway to a single lane and the development of new footways/cycleways for  This project addressed West Sussex County Council’s requirement to reduce traffic between the A281 and A24 whilst increasing sustainable travel methods.

Capital Efficiency Advice

Production of a global budget for the expansion of Birmingham Airport consistent with terms of requirements of the Airports Commission and the regulator of UK airports.

A24 Robin Hood Junction

Upgrading the A24 Junction by adding additional traffic lanes, introducing traffic signals, adding a Toucan crossing and new footway. West Sussex County Council’s aim is to enhance capacity and improve traffic flow to enable economic growth and accommodate planned developments in the area.

Truro Eastern Park and Ride

Development of a new park and ride facility within the outskirts of Truro town centre for Cornwall County Council. The project included the construction of a terminus hub and ticket office, 1300 parking spaces, upgrades to road junctions, pedestrian and cycle access and extensive landscaping..

A2300 Improvements

Upgrading 2.5km of road on the A2300 from a single carriageway to a dual carriageway in order to improve highways access. The project also involved developing additional cycleway and footpaths to improve the conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and to encourage sustainable travel methods.

Redruth Bypass

Provelio provided transport strategic project management services for the conducting upgrade works to the A3047 Redruth bypass. The aim was to create a town ‘gateway’ with pedestrian access to a new development across the dual carriageway. This was achieved through carrying out bypass junction works, the creation of cycling facilities and improved pedestrian crossing points.

A284 Lyminster Bypass

A 7.3m wide single dual carriageway with verge on one side and a shared footway/cycleway facility on the other. The footway/cycleway connects the existing and proposed facilities along the southern half of the bypass and A259. 

A259 Improvements

The project widens 2.5km of the existing single carriageway on the A259 to a dual carriageway. This is made up of two sections, developing a new junction and a new pedestrian and cycling path. 

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