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With over 20 years experience in various areas of expertise. We provide our clients with the assurance and confidence that our services, systems and methods of working are underpinned by externally certified and recognised accreditation schemes.


Provelio services specialise in the built environment, focused on aligning construction and estates objectives to deliver successful projects on behalf of our clients. 

Provelio services

We have been successfully delivering projects on behalf of our clients since 2002, creating bespoke solutions and methodologies to meet the needs of our diverse client base. During this time, we have encapsulated our experience and expertise to provide a best practice approach to project delivery. This combined with our people, technology and processes ensure we supply valuable services to change organisations for the better. Our team of hand-picked Project Managers come from a wide range of professional disciplines, this enables us to offer our clients a bespoke and tailored solution to their project. We are dedicated to ensuring that we deliver project success via a friendly and collaborative approach. 

For more information, or to discuss how our services may support your future projects, then contact a member of our team. 

Image depicting one of Provelio services - project programme and portfolio management. One man and one woman stood with their backs facing the camera, looking at a scheme of works.

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

Co-ordinating and controlling the management and delivery of construction portfolios, programmes and projects to successfully achieve business goals and objectives.

Digital Estates Management

Utilising the illustrative power of data and modelling to understand the performance of large estates and simplify complex estate-wide decision making.

Provelio services - Data and Estates
Provelio services - Management Consultancy

Strategic Management Consultancy

Applying strategic advice and guidance to support businesses reach their business goals, aspirations and transformation. 

Development Management

Providing planning, monitoring and co-ordination services to help support and manage your future developments and portfolio, whilst generating value for you and your stakeholders.

SDI Behavioural Profiling. Provelio projects.
Provelio services - Management Consultancy

SDI Behavioural Profiling

Providing you and your staff with the opportunity to improve your working relationships and build a team that understands and communicates efficiently with each other.    

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Research, insights and guidance on how you can change your organisation and projects for the better. All available now to download. 

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