New Release - Managing Construction Procurement Risk

Managing construction procurement risks within an uncertain market

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Understanding how to mitigate construction procurement risk  during times of uncertainty is crucial to reducing risks and maintaining the project’s progression. To successfully manage or mitigate these risks you need to fully understand procurement activities. 

Construction procurement risk

Topics covered Managing Construction Procurement Risk

Provelio explore a series of 10 mitigation methods for managing construction procurement risk and procuring within unpredictable market conditions which should be implemented through all stages of the project life cycle. 

Business Case

Ensure you have a structured approach from the outset. How to adhere to the business case and brief when delivering projects with a long duration.

Value Management

Undertaking value management exercises to ensure the project is developed based on what it needs. This should be undertaken in conjunction with a project brief.

Cost Control

Understand your high risk work packages. A series of cost control and management process questions to consider before starting the project.

Procurement Routes

Ensuring the right procurement route is chosen based on various factors. This will promote value and determine risk profile.

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