New Release - Managing Fire Integrity Projects

Managing Fire Integrity Projects -
Healthcare Edition

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In recent years, most notably since ‘The Grenfell Tragedy’ of 2017, fire safety has become justifiably re-prioritised. A lot of this regulation is focused primarily on residential property but it can also be applied to Healthcare estates and facilities. It is very important to ensure your estate is always up-to-date and compliant with current legislation and regulations. 

Fire Integrity Projects

Topics covered in Managing
Fire Integrity Projects

In this guide, Provelio delve into the importance of fire safety within your estate and the various legislation that should be understood and complied with. Our experience of working on fire related projects has highlighted five key lessons learned which anymore looking to undertake similar projects would benefit from considering. These are all explored within this guide and set out a 5-step process to approaching Fire Integrity Projects.

Introduction to Fire Safety

Why has Fire Safety become more relevant and how does it affect Healthcare estates? Which Acts, Orders and Guidance have helped shaped the new approach to Fire Integrity Projects?

Understanding Legislation & Guidance

There’s a myriad of guidance, regulations and legislation surrounding fire safety but it is critical to develop an understanding of these.

Building the Project Team

Appointing the right project team is crucially to projects of this manner, because of the association with legislative compliance and health & safety regulations.

Setting the Baseline & Starting Point

Establishing the starting point of the project or the ‘current scenario’. What works will your estate need? What budget and programme will this determine?

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