Using Data Intelligence for Estate Management in Higher Education Institutions

A new tool that helps Higher Education Institutions achieve financial resilience through data intelligence. 

Digital Estates Management

Supports business case production

Monitors building compliance

Prioritises back-log maintenance

Fully costs the estate

Manages and assesses risks

Customisable Project Dashboards

Achieve Financial Resilience through Digital HE Estates Management

Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are frequently confronted with unprecedented financial challenges. HEIs are facing the difficulty of managing the raising of tuition fees, additional pension contributions, reduced international student demand, increased costs and uncertainty over political direction. Determining how to simultaneously approach this issues without diminishing on the quality of teaching that the HEIs provide is a crucial challenge that key decision makers are facing. 

In our most recent publication, we delve into how digitally transforming operational and estates data can streamline the intensive tasks typically handled by the senior team, ensuring they possess reliable data for effective scenario planning. The current pace of this process is noteworthy and is expected to accelerate as the underlying technologies and their corresponding databases expand. 

Higher Education Institutions can transform their estates into digital landscapes with OPAL, a powerful digital assistant that simplifies estate management. It enhances the use and development of HEIs physical assets, alongside capital and operational costs. OPAL offers a comprehensive perspective of the HEIs estate portfolio, enabling data-driven decision making and scenario testing. With OPAL, HEIs can optimise their estate assets, improve space utilisation, implement energy-saving initiatives, effectively manage backlog maintenance, reduce costs, leverage technology and data analytics and foster partnerships and collaborations. 

How we have helped others Digitise their Estates Management

Enterprise Level Cost Rationalisation

Streamlined costs, leading to department-wide budget efficiencies and informed several top executive strategies for cost management, strategic planning, and transformation timelines.

Backlog Maintenance Strategies

Integrated all estates data, including maintenance and projects, into a tool that aids in selecting and prioritising projects, leading to significant cost reductions by merging functional and delivery budgets.

Programme and Project Control System

Developed a system for efficient project and programme management that is integrated with finance systems to create custom dashboards for quick identification of issues.

Operational Sites Relocation

Devised strategic plans for relocation and rationalisation projects whilst ensuring sites could continue operating as usual.

Integrated Business Planning

Streamlined the business planning process, producing outputs ready for immediate use and allowing for the evaluation of various property strategies.

Operational Excellence

Developed comprehensive control systems to unify all business function, providing clear insights into business performance, alongside finance, HR, estates, IT and other department data.

Carbon Reduction Planning

Prepared multi-year carbon reduction plans that facilitate programme and project prioritisation alongside backlog maintenance.

New Release - Digital Estates Management and OPAL

Digital Estates Management for Higher Education Institutions

Download a copy of our guide to learn how digitisation can automate your work and simplify estates management.

Higher Education
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