New Release - 5 Step Approach to Data-driven Maintenance Planning

5 Step Approach to Data-driven Maintenance Planning

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Long term maintenance planning is a continuous and often lengthy process containing many requirements across a considerable number of buildings. Learning how to handle all of the data is imperative to completing the maintenance within a set timescale and budget. 

Maintenance Planning

Topics covered in this guide

Provelio explain the 5 step approach to data-driven maintenance planning and the services required to achieve this. 


The first stage is to determine what data sources are available. This data must then be collated and arranged to define and determine the volume of the long-term maintenance programme.


With work packages established the process of prioritisation can begin. Each package can then be ranked and prioritised based on the requirement of the organisation.


With data collated and organised this can then be inputted into a visualisation tool. Visually modelling the required estate works will enable organisations to better understand their programme.


Works can then be scheduled into a delivery calendar according to the prioritisation outlined and determined using the data analysis and visaulisation methods.

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