New Release - How to appoint the right design team

How to appoint the right design team

Download a copy of our latest guide to find out the key steps for the successful appointment of a design team.

The design team play a crucial role in the project development, including avoiding delays, surprises, and additional costs. Their purpose is to ensure the objectives in your project brief are translated into practical design.

Design Team

Topics covered in this design team guide

Provelio explore the role of design in ensuring you have the right content, quality, budget and programme. This guide provides detailed insight into the importance of choosing a team that aligns with the overall objectives and requirements of the project. 

Importance of selection

The key qualities of a successful team to help achieve the project brief and deliver to client specification

Role of Project Manager

The advice a Project Manager can provide on the selection, appointment and management of a suitable team

Influences on selection

The two important factors to consider that will influence and affect the selection of your projects team

Tender Process

How the tender process contributes to successful selection, from documentation, to evaluation and appointment.

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