New Release - Essential Steps for a University Estates Strategy

Essential Steps for a University Estates Strategy

Download a copy of our latest guide to find out why you need a University Estates Strategy to future-proof your results.

Due to a variety of significant factors in the economy and environment, estate strategies are in vital need of a refresh to address new and potential future challenges. This guide will provide you with the tools you need to develop a thorough and useful university estates strategy.

University Estates Strategy

Topics covered in this guide

Provelio explore the essential elements of an estate strategy and the importance of them, especially within the higher education sector. For large, estate owning organisations, these strategic documents are vital for ensuring that the future vision of the organisation can be achieved within the current estate. 

Importance of a University Estates Strategy

Four main reasons for estate strategies and the long-term benefits of their development. Why all Universities need to understand and document the future of their estate and vision.

Checklist of vital items

A checklist of over 80 items relating to general estate information, information technology and more. Use this guide to audit and understand your own estate and future vision.

Integrating Strategic Documents

Why estate strategies shouldn’t be viewed in isolation and should be incorporated in strategic documents. Estates are integral to the future development of the entire organisation, therefore strategies must align.

Next Steps

A step-by-step plan on how to create a strategy that aligns to overall objectives of your institution. How an estates strategy will help your organisation achieve its best today, and in the future.

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