New Release - How to Setup a Project Board

How to setup a project board

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Successfully delivering projects is a difficult task that requires strong leadership and good, fast decision-making. One important factor for this success is through the set-up of a strong governance team who can make important instructions and decisions, and provide approvals on behalf of the client.

Project Board

Topics covered in this guide

A project board is usually given an appropriate level of delegated authority by the main board of the organisation and is therefore authorised to issue instructions, make decisions and give approvals on behalf of the client. In short, they help to keep a project running efficiently by dealing with the day to day issues raised by the project manager, whilst the rest of the organisation can carry out business as usual.

Provelio explore their importance, who they consist of and how they will help manage your project.

What is a project board?

Who should be a member of this team? What is the purpose? And how it will support the success of your project.

The golden rules

Three matters of principle to consider when making your governance appointments, to ensure robust decision making is made.

Managing project stages

Altering the project board throughout the project? How your designated governance team can control and approve project change.

Managing the project governance

12 steps to ensuring their success and the overall success of the project.

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