New Release - Preparing a Project Brief

The five golden rules for preparing a brief for your project

Download a copy of our latest guide to discover the key factors that help the development of a successful project brief

The preparation of the brief will influence the success of a project. By utilising both the clients and project managers experience and different perspectives you can develop a well-round and fully realised brief.

Project Brief

Topics covered in this guide

Provelio explore the importance of a good brief and the best way to develop a useful one. This guide provides a useful and easy to use framework for preparing and understanding its importance when undertaking a construction project. 

How to prepare

Understand the key elements of creating a robust and useful brief - The art and science of preparing a brief.

Importance of a brief

What must be included - The difficulties that can arise from omissions. Why the brief is a critical tool to project success.

The basics

How and where to start when writing a brief - The initial key thoughts to brief development and management.

5 golden rules

View our 5 golden rules for brief writing - The important and essential rules that all projects must follow to ensure future project success.

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