New Release - Backlog Maintenance, Estate Management and A.I

Unleashing the Power of A.I for Estate Management in the NHS

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The cost of backlog maintenance has been drastically increasing and is becoming progressively difficult to clear. The path to clearing this is to combine the work with estate management costs, which is easier said than done. That’s why A.I is so important. Advancements in A.I will allow you to simplify your estate management process and develop informed decisions with all your data.

Cover Image of the guide Unleashing the Power of AI for Estate Management in the NHS.

Topics covered in Unleashing the Power of A.I for Estate Management in the NHS

In this guide, Provelio explains the background to backlog maintenance and why creating a balanced approach to Estate Management is so important. There is a 6-step process required to this, that when followed should help guide you towards successfully managing your estate and backlog maintenance. For more information on how digital technology can help you with programmes of work, have a read of our Estates Visualisation guide.

Backlog Maintenance

Repairs, replacements, amendments and other jobs needed on your estate that require addressing.

Creating a Balanced Approach

Knowing how to manage multiple data streams at once is a useful tool to ensuring costs are cut whilst still addressing the problems arising.

The Background

Why is it important to address backlog maintenance and what stress is it brining to the NHS?

Utilising the Power of A.I

With digital technology evolving in such a rapid rate, it feels unwise to not take advantage of the power and abilities it possesses.

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