Changes in Construction

Changes in Construction

At last, the construction industry is reforming; transitioning from traditional, labour-intensive methods to a technology-fuelled future.

The advent of building reforms brought about by the Grenfell fire is driving a new era of efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

We are championing these changes, demonstrating that the integration of advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence, PowerBi and the use of drones, can not only reshape the industry’s traditional aspects but also redefine what’s possible in construction project management.

Digital Transformation

Almost every part of the construction industry is being transformed by digitisation, but it has only just taken off. More and more, traditional ways of doing things are being placed by digital processes and this is changing the way people think.

We are pleased to participate in the digital transformation of the construction industry. This is firmly grounded in our commitment to enhancing our services and delivering exceptional results for your projects.

At the heart of our transformation are the values and goals which are most crucial – to us and to you.

Building and Fire Safety

The safety of construction sites is our primary concern.

As part of our digital transformation, we are implementing advanced tools to better monitor and manage safety standards, particularly relating to building and fire safety. 

You can be assured that the wellbeing of all individuals who work in, or visit your buildings, are secure. This is governed by The Fire Safety Act 2021, A Reformed Building Safety Regulatory System 2020, and The Building Safety Act 2022.

Skills Development

Our digitisation efforts include substantial investment in skills development to ensure our team is well-equipped to manage your projects effectively with the new technologies. These skills help our team to react quicker.

Team Motivation

A well-motivated team leads to better project outcomes and a smoother working relationship with our clients.

We do everything we can to support our teams; provide them with the training and the tools to do their job; monitor what they produce and reward them when they succeed. It shows in what they do.

Digital Twins

We help to create digital twins for our projects, which are virtual replicas of the physical buildings.

This provides a dynamic, real-time overview of the project. It assists us – and you – in managing the building in it’s full lifecycle.

Our continuing transition includes implementing a state-of-the-art documentation system that ensures all important information is stored securely and is easily accessible.

This enables us to avoid mistakes and increase speed.

Cost Management

We reduce the risk of cost overruns by utilising predictive analytics and effective project management software. This allows us to anticipate potential financial issues before they occur and take action to manage the budget more effectively.

Timely Completion

Our digital tools and methodologies are geared will ensure your projects pass through the necessary gateways without delay and are completed on time.

Smooth Handover

We aim to hand over buildings, running smoothly and equipped with all the necessary information, within weeks of completion.

Our digital transformation has enhanced our ability to do this by improving project tracking, coordination, and documentation.

The Future

Our digital transformation journey can only result in continuous improvements of our service and better results for our clients.

Written by Stan Hornagold, Non-Executive Director at Provelio.

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