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Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire NHS Trust have just released their latest vaccination programme results, with the Trust providing over 2 million vaccines to their communities.  These results demonstrate the positive benefits of strong collaboration between the Trust and its supply chain. This enables them to provide local people with easy access to vaccinations during the global pandemic. During this programme Provelio have provided the Trust with strategic estates management and project management support throughout the pandemic. Their role within the programme was to provide estates expertise and management in relation to:

  • The identification of suitable properties and locations across the Trust locations. This ensured local people lived within a certain proximity to vaccination centres.
  • The installation of temporary facilities to transform existing GP surgeries into vaccination clinics.
  • Introducing and implementing a new business-as-usual operation model which adopts a “spoke and hub” arrangement. This allows the Trust to continue providing vaccinations at specified and accessible hubs, but ensuring they have the flexibility to scale up operations if additional vaccination clinics are required.

The programme highlighted

  • the importance of flexible workspace within an ever-changing landscape
  • the ability to be able to adapt and change to meet the needs of external factors.

This was only achievable through exceptional levels of collaboration amongst the programme supply chain and a willingness from stakeholders to adopt change and embrace a new normal.

Provelio are proud to have been able to support the Trust in delivering their Covid-19 Vaccination Programme and help the local community access vaccinations within the Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire area.

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