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Why Investing in Employees is Crucial to Business Success

With this week marking National Careers Week 2022 Provelio caught up with Operations Director, Jeremy Sneddon, to better understand the importance of investing in employees and in the next working generation.

If someone leaving school, college or university were looking to work at Provelio what type of roles and experience do you offer?

We provide a structured training path depending on the individuals experience and qualifications. Regardless of role or career route we provide the necessary guidance, support, and hands-on experience to enable our employees to learn and develop within a live working environment.

As a company we are focused on investing in employees and offer a variety of training opportunities. From operationally led project management and management consultancy to head-office roles in marketing, finance, and administration.

What types of training do Provelio provide to employees?

We tailor the training of our employee’s dependant on their qualifications, experience and the training role they are undertaking. A good example is our project management training route. Regardless of experience we invest in all our Project Managers to achieve professional chartership. To support their training Provelio provide the following:

  • Payment for joining fees for a professional chartership application and continuing professional subscriptions for that discipline.
  • Qualified RICS APC and CIOB supervisor to help any newcomers get through their APC.
  • Payment for learning materials and exam fees as well as providing additional day’s leave for exam days.
  • Additional learning and guidance material. We subscribe to several learning portals to provide substance and information for the individuals to learn from:
    • Built intelligence portal – JCT and NEC contract management training
    • Isurv – the RICS information portal. This comes in various channels one of which is designed for APC students. We subscribe to them all so that any student will have access to the RICS APC information
  • In-house structured learning in the form of minor and major capital project manuals.
Other than training and education, what else do you feel is important for people to consider when deciding upon their future career path?

In addition to training and education, it is important for people to consider the type of experience they will get from a company. Experience being the literal experience they will get, for example types of projects they are assigned to, but also their working experience in relation to culture and collaboration. Investing in employees isn’t just about the training and education provided, it is about creating an environment that allows them to grow, develop and collaborate.

At Provelio we have a large range of sizeable projects in varying industrial sectors that ensures that new starters get valid developmental project experience. Our size ensures that all employees have access to Senior Management Team to discuss their project and career at any time. We also undertake regular project review meetings to ensure our employees stay on track throughout the year. This ensures they receive real-time career feedback rather than at one point in the year with an old-fashioned annual appraisal.

We trust and empower our employees to deliver their work from a suitable location. This is usually from a blend of client/site visits, use of Teams, being in the office and working from home. Our technology ensures that you will be able to communicate and deliver from the most convenient place of work.

Finally, we value team time and have a full company team meeting every six weeks to keep the Provelio stakeholders up to date with the business and use it to cover training updates. We are also really looking forward to running some in person away days and events once a quarter now that we can do so. Feedback has been that employees really enjoy this opportunity to meet. It is always easier to pick up the phone to someone you have met than to make a cold call. For that reason we like everyone to get to know each other and where possible, have some face-to-face meeting time.

Interested in pursuing a career in project management or management consultancy?

Visit our careers page to learn more about a career with Provelio.

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