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SDI Behavioural

Providing you and your staff with the opportunity to improve your working relationships and build a team that understands and communicates efficiently with each other.    

SDI Behavioural Profiling

Our services are designed to help change your organisation for the better

Key services provided by Provelio as part of their SDI Behavioural Profiling include:

SDI Behavioural Profiling

Our SDI Behavioural Profiling service focuses on helping organisations communicate efficiently and effectively. A significant barrier to success can stem from miscommunication with colleagues, suppliers, clients, etc. Through our extensive training with Core Strengths, we can provide training that will build up your team, collectively and as individuals, and ensure the organisation benefits as a result.

Our approach to behavioural profiling will start with each individual. You will learn:

  1. Your core motives. Are you performance, people or process orientated?
  2. How this impacts your behaviour and your behavioural strengths
  3. How this affects how you deal with conflict

After these sessions, your team will understand each other’s perspectives and thus learn how to avoid unnecessary conflict. The SDI test does not measure skills or highlight weaknesses, rather it provides you with a common language in which people can communicate successfully with one another.

SDI Behavioural Profiling. Provelio projects.

Benefits of SDI Behavioural Profiling

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your team and other stakeholders
  • Understand your strengths in order to deploy them at the right time
  • Successfully implement change through understanding the various teams and departments
  • Establish new ways of working
  • Foster collaboration through efficient communication strategies
  • Develop your understanding of conflict and how it can best be avoided or quickly resolved

Looking for a SDI Training Provider?

Provelio are always on hand to offer training support to your organisation. Small, big, public or private, our nationwide team of training providers are here to help. For more information on how Provelio can provide your organisation with training contact our management team today. 

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